The God Víðarr and the Hall of Landvidi

Víðarr is the god of silence and vengeance, and he oversees Lanvidi (meaning “white land” or “wide land”). Lanvidi is described as having fresh flowers, tall branches, high grasslands, and lush vegetation. 

This hall possesses natural beauty from the earth and is painted as a picture of solitude. Víðarr symbolizes sustainability and regrowth, and in the final battle, he is foretold to avenge his father, Óðinn. During this final battle, Víðarr wore a shoe created for that exact event.

This shoe was the strongest and sturdiest shoe in the cosmos and possessed magical properties. Víðarr kicked open the wolf, Fenrir’s mouth, who had devoured his father, Óðinn.

After kicking the wolf’s lower jaw, the god held the beast’s upper jaw open and sliced the mouth to pieces with his sword. The monster was killed, and with that, his devastating rampage was over.

Víðarr is said to be the strongest of the gods following Thor. Víðarr is a part of a younger generation of gods who survived the Ragnarok destruction of the cosmos and all that lived within them.

While the significance of nature and natural beauty tied to this god is unknown, it is safe to say that Víðarr was a protector of all the land through his epic acts of bravery and strength.

Like the zodiac sign, Capricorn, the god Víðarr is ambitious and determined; they put 100% into everything they do, and failure is not an option. Both are known for being responsible and disciplined, which aids them in achieving their high expectations. 

Image: The Art of Stu Harrington

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