The Goddess Freyja and the Hall of Fólkvangr

The Goddess of Love and War

Riding above and between the worlds in a magical cloak of glossy falcon feathers, she commands a chariot pulled by two large silver cats, accompanied by a giant battle-ready boar. 

The Goddess Freyja is a beautiful sorceress shrouded in mystery, lore, and magic.

The Divine Twins

Much like the symbolism present in the zodiac sign of Gemini, Freyja is the counterpart and twin sister to the God Freyr. She holds her place as one of the “Divine Twins” and is an influential member of the Vanir Gods in Norse mythology. 

The Sensual Sorceress

Freyja is the Goddess of passionate love, ethereal beauty, honorable combat, wealth, plants, and of course, magic. 

This charming sorceress taught spells and charms to the Æsir and was the first to introduce the mystical art of Seiðr to none other than Odin the All-father himself. 

Adored by all beings in the nine worlds as represented by the world tree Yggdrasil, Freyja is described as a very sensual deity and a Goddess of fertility, not only for gods and humans—but for crops and animals as well.  

Freyja’s Hall

Freyja may be the Goddess of fertility, but she also holds a deeply sacred role in death and the afterlife. 

Every day in the vast fields and meadows of Fólkvangr, where Freyja’s hall lies, Freyja leads the Valkyrie's to the battlefield where she dutifully collects half of the slain warriors to join her in her Hall, while the other half join Odin in Valhalla.

In Fólkvangr, they don’t mourn the loss of those who have fallen. Instead, they pour ale and mead to the brims of their drinking horns as they celebrate the day’s battle. They joyfully drink to the memory of their honorable deaths among their closest friends and loved ones! Skol! 

Sacred Plants and Herbs 

In ancient European folklore, Freyja flies overhead each spring to usher in the summer sun while sprinkling drops of morning dew to make the flowers and plants bloom below. Flowers, plants, and herbs are sacred to Freyja and make an excellent tribute to the Goddess. 


Image by Andrea Guardino     

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