Heathen Moon uses all-natural, vegan ingredients to create handcrafted Norse inspired beard oils, hair balm & butter, spray, and soaps.

 My Story

Heathen Moon began because I was having allergic reactions too many products in the beauty industry, especially perfume. I thought to myself, how can I get the fragrances I desire but in the most natural way possible?

This question is where my dream began. I studied different methods and recipes of perfumes/colognes, and I found that the combination of Jojoba oil and essential oils was the most straightforward and powerful way to deliver natural fragrances. Since I am a very ambitious person, I wanted to combine two of my passions into one — love for my heritage and my beliefs with my reverence for a clean and all-natural lifestyle. The joining of the two created Heathen Moon.

After many years of making fragrances, I have moved the company's vision towards my most popular products, the men's beard and hair products. Starting at the beginning of November 2022, Heathen Moon will have new products and old favorites for all the gentlemen. Also, I will be featuring limited-produced fragrances each month as specials. 

About the Shop

Heathen Moon formulates each scent by researching the emotion, trait, rune, or god/goddess to be represented. I only use all-natural vegan ingredients and essential oils. The products are mixed in small batches to ensure that all formulas stay true to the original intention and fragrance.